63-meter-long bungee jump, the Korea’s highest bungee jump located at a point where Naerincheon Stream meets Hapgangcheon Stream, was designed by Bungy Vic, an Australian company, in order to maximize a thrill and joy on the back of a 60-degree leaning tower, which can be found only in Korea. Excellent surrounding landscape enables visitors willing to enjoy an extreme challenge to have a pleasure of appreciating natural beauty and convenient atmosphere proving that it is a genuine paradise of adventure leports. Visitors jump down from the 22th floor height by shouting the slogan, “A 3-Minute Extreme Experience of Flying High in the Sky!!” The 63-meter bungee jump gave wings to human desire of flying high in the sky.

 ankle jump
The anchor bunge is a bungee jumping which binds the bungee code to both ankles by the person who has a lot of experience in the bungee
and the street where the pro bungee carries out.Most of the New Zealand style bungee jumping is done in the form of ankle bungy.
The anchor bungee is the closest bungee jumping method to the original form of the bungee jump, It is a bungee jumping in the form that
various jumps such as rotation can boast of his skill
 body jump
Body jumping is carried out by wearing the upper-lower body harness. this is the method of jump many beginners.
And when you try to Body jumping should use connecting the bungee code to the chest etc.Most American style bungee jumping is
done in the form of body jumps. Most of the time, it is the best way to jump for those who challenge the first bungee jump.