The eight best hapkkangjeong

Hapkkang, Inje-gun, Gangwon Province, where 2-ri.

As sperm, located in Korea now in the two hapkkang, Inje-eup hapkkang Chung venerable Naerincheon giraffe from the field is, the Soyang river flows into and to paintings and calligraphic works field.Bukcheon Loyal Force field, and inbukcheon that into one another at this point in joining the condensed milk and passed down from the middle of the Joseon Dynasty as a pavilion named called hapkkangjeong.to exist

Wontong ways the fur to one hundred and in point is especially Naerincheon the river in the usugi hapkkang m of fur and languages by running back as a point and hapkkang form too.Particular, joeoji (fishing spot) popular destinations, taegongdeul.

Hapkkang years Sukjong of 66 (King two years (1610)), Chung Hyanggyo in the area now have built two years the tumult of war (1616) Kumboo’s a whiz at honoring past that are served to iseeok days (1675 – 1677) during his tenure.Hapgang-ri a nice view, topographic features hapkkangjeong to the establishment of an involuntary emission of semen, which was the first areas and this is now.

Created in 2002, the bungee jumps and near hapkkangjeong hapkkang jeonghyuge off facilities and bungee jumping, that is installed at, especially on sperm hapkkangjeongNaerincheon of pleasure. don’t know the time for tourists and the inbukcheon